Wood, Gas, Coal and Pellet Stoves

If you are looking to add warmth, ambiance, and style to your home, visit Fireside Warmth Inc in Kingston, NY, to view our selection of stoves. Our stove products make houses feel more like homes while adding real value. Today’s freestanding heating stoves are available in a variety of fuel options, including wood, gas, pellets, and coal.

Stoves from Fireside Warmth Inc are available in four main types: wood, gas, pellet, and coal. Each type of design is beautiful and functional, but there are some differences. There is no match for the look and feel of a wood-burning stove. Pellet stoves are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating, while gas stoves are easily turned off with a simple button press. Want to learn more about our stoves? Visit the showroom and speak to one of our salespeople.

Fuel Option Benefits

Benefits: Natural and available. Wood can supplement furnace usage and reduce heating costs up to 30%.

Fire Characteristics: Expect robust, steady fires. Our wood products deliver powerful heating performance and efficiency.

Fire Starting: Paper, kindling, and a fire-starting log are effective.

Type of Heat: Adding more fuel will immediately increase convective heat in a Wood Stove. Radiant heat will remain steady.

Fuel Storage & Handling: Dry storage is important. A cord of wood is stacked 4'x4'x8'. On average, a 1,500 sq. ft. home will require 2-4 cords per season.

Benefits: Low particulate emissions due to high burn efficiency and density of the fuel.

Fire Characteristics: Most pellet units have much higher combustion and heating efficiencies.

Fire Starting: Some units have automatic ignition while others need you to manually light the pellets.

Type of Heat: Adding more fuel will immediately increase convective heat. Radiant heat will remain steady.

Fuel Storage & Handling: Dry storage is suggested. Pellet fuel is normally sold in 40 pound bags. Normal usage is 3-4 tons a year, about 150-200 bags. Bags are often sold as 1 ton on a pallet.

Benefits: Gas Stoves are very convenient. You are able to quickly turn the fire on or off, adjust flame height and fire intensity.

Fire Characteristics: Gas stoves are consistent and controllable by design. You choose the fire's intensity.

Fire Starting: Flip a switch or grab your remote. It's that easy.

Type of Heat: Gas Stoves allow you to enjoy a steady mix of both radiant and convective heat.

Fuel Storage & Handling: Natural gas is piped directly to your home by a gas utility. Propane gas is then stored on-site in an above or below-ground tank which is refilled by an LP gas provider.


Choose From the Top Brands

We sell stoves from manufacturers that we trust to build high-quality products. The brands available include:




  • Jotul

  • Pacific Energy

  • Osburn

  • Jotul

  • Pacific Energy

  • Kozy Heat

  • Piazzetta

  • Osburn

  • Keystoker

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