A fireplace is considered to be one of the most-desired amenities in a home today. Let the salespeople at Fireside Warmth Inc guide you to find the perfect fireplace to fit your style, budget and heating needs.

The Fireplace Installation Process

Fireplace Selection

Visit our showroom and let our salespeople guide you to the perfect fire based on your style, budget and heating needs. Many options and price ranges will be discussed.

Pre-Install Inspection/Survey

After your selections are completed and the estimated price is approved, we will schedule a visit to the home to confirm all of the details. A survey fee is charged for all those who do not install.

Professional Installation

Our professional fireplace installation crew will arrive to install your fireplace per the required specifications while keeping your final vision in mind.

**Building permits are required for installation of any solid fuel appliance and/or venting & chimney components. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain this permit, available at their building department, before installation date.

Why Service Annually?

Service & Maintenance

Should the need arise, call our service department to schedule a repair or annual maintenance. *We do not offer any emergency services. 845-331-5656

Just like other major appliances in your home, your fireplace needs annual service check-ups to make sure it is running efficiently, safely, and continue to perform at their best. Maintenance is designed to keep your appliance clean and prevent unnecessary damage. Enjoy the comfort of your fireplace for years knowing that it is regularly maintained by our technicians.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY service products installed by Fireside Warmth. To schedule your annual service appointment or repair, call FIRESIDE WARMTH at 845-331-5656.

Annual Cleaning Services occur between April 1st- September 30th.

We can no longer offer annual maintenance during the fall and winter months.

If you need annual maintenance, please give us a call during the spring and summer months. Appointments should be made by August to ensure an appointment during the cleaning season.

Replacement Parts

We can order OEM replacement parts for you direct from the manufacturer for many older models of fireplaces and stoves. Locate the brand name, model number, serial number, and the specific part you need and call or email us to obtain the availability for your item.

Contact us today to speak to our experts.