Get the most out of your fire feature and stay toasty warm! Fireside Warmth Inc in Kingston, NY, makes your job easier with an assortment of hearth accessories that bring both style and functionality. Find all the tools you need to keep your fire feature burning efficiently and speak with one of our salespeople today.

Accessories for Your Fireplace or Stove

Accessories We Sell

Get the fireplace accessories you want from premium brands. Your fireplace and the area around are not complete until you have customized them to your liking. Not sure what you need, ask one of our staff members to help you. We offer a wide variety of hearth accessories that range from Hearth Tools, Chimney Caps, Remotes, Embers, Grates, Skuttles, Kettles & Pots, Wood Rings, and more.


We offer a large variety of hearth

accessories that range from:

  • Tool sets

  • Gloves

  • Glowing Embers

  • Remote Control Wood Rings

  • Chimney Supplies

  • Kettles & Pots

Bagged Fuel

We offer an assortment of bagged fuel.

  • LaCrete Softwood Pellets

  • Blaschak Anthracite

  • Smithing Coal


Enhance your fire feature with one of our quality glass fireplace doors and screens.

  • With latching mesh doors, logs and sparks stay inside the fireplace.

  • Glass fireplace doors can reduce heat loss through the fireplace opening

Brands We Carry:

  • AJ Manufacturing

  • Fireplace Doors - Stoll

  • Bagged Fuel - LaCrete Softwood Pellets

  • Pilgrim

  • Chimney Supplies - ICC

  • Blaschak

  • HY-C

  • Smithing Coal


Have questions? Contact us today to learn more about our different products for your home.